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Masterpieces Of  Metallurgy and Machining

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For over twenty years,
Laser Darts has offered the finest, most carefully crafted darts available. In every price range, we spend extra time and care to make each Laser Dart a masterpiece of metallurgy and machining. Quality does count! As a result, Laser Darts offer competitive advantages simply not available anywhere else:


The Laser Darts Advantage

Laser darts sets industry standards for weight consistency.

Exclusive, black oxide-coated stainless  steel points grip the dartboard surface to minimize bounce-outs.

Professional model Laser darts are precision machined from full density tungsten-nickel alloy... a metal  more dense than 24-carat gold.

Uni-Directional Dart Barrel GroovesEach groove in a Laser dart is “unidirectional” with a machine edge at the front and gradual taper at the back. As you push forward,  you feel it. As the  barrel slides through your fingers, you don´t. This release aid is so exclusive that it´s covered by U.S. Patent #4,212,464. 

Multi-layered, vapor-deposited coatings of titanium/tantalum nitride, and titanium carbide  on many models. These textured coatings provide grip benefits that are unsurpassed.

Each Laser dart is covered by an  exclusive No-nonsense lifetime warranty. Simply stated, if a dart barrel breaks or is defective, we will replace it free of charge... FOREVER!
Please Note: Coatings are not guaranteed against wear. 

The `MP´ Point Series

Laser darts has now added a Moveable Point option for the entire line of fixed point darts. (“Alamo” shafts used on all `MP´ Models)

A. In the extended position, the dart point is held firmly due to the point taper and from the friction between different metals (tungsten barrel... steel point).

Moveble Dart Point - Extended

B. Upon contact with the board surface or wire,  the dart point is released and the kinetic energy of the entire barrel weight drives the point to either side of the wire and into the dart board.

Moveable Dart Point - Retracted

Flights now rotate form the path of  subsequently thrown darts... providing more precise groupings.

The “MP” feature will result in...
Fewer Bounce Outs... thus higher scoring.
Fewer Deflections... as flights on thrown darts will rotate from the path of incoming darts.

- No Front-end weight loss as the point channel runs the entire barrel length.
- No mechanisms to work loose
- No parts to wear or malfunction
- No tools to replace points
- Points changed in seconds
- Point have lube-groove for extra long life and free spinning enhancement.
- Five replacement point lengths available: 2.3”, 2.5”, 2.7”, 2.9”, 3.2”

The `MP´ option utilizes the EL C System trademarked by VOKS M & D Inc.




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